Wednesday, April 20, 2016

JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Featured Magical Girl: Pizza Margherita

I'm preparing to serialize my new web novel, JAKE AND THE DYNAMO, a magical action-adventure comedy, over at Come join me.

Featured right now is the bio of one of the novel's many, many heroines, Magical Girl Space Princess Pizza Margherita:

In an age when humanity faced the prospect of extinction at the hands of man-eating vegetables, comfort food came to the rescue.
Member of the fabled Mozzarella crime family and a direct descendent of Benito Mozzarella himself, Margherita can make you a pizza you can’t refuse. While working as a waitress at a pizzeria, she fed a stick of pepperoni to a starving puppy, only to find that the dog was actually a visitor from Planet Italia, who rewarded her for her good deed by anointing her princess and granting her the Power of Pizza. [more...]
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