Friday, April 29, 2016

New Review: 'Nurse Witch Komugi R'

Join me over at my new site,, where I've got a brand new review.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Starts Tomorrow!

Read it here.

Cover by Starbat

In the near future, most of the universe has decided that humanity needs to die. Decimated by alien invasions, primordial monsters, demons from hell, and abominations from beyond space and time, mankind’s last remnants have gathered together under the protection of the benevolent Moon Princess … but what was supposed to be a last refuge is instead a perpetual war zone.
Fortunately, the forces of goodness have given us a small advantage—by granting random superpowers to emotionally volatile young girls.
In the midst of these upheavals, fourteen-year-old Jake Blatowski just wants to live a normal life, but fate will instead place him in the path of the city’s most electrifying protectress, Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo. Worse yet, the monsters’ formerly random attacks have begun to exhibit a pattern—they’re all aimed at him!
Now all that stands between Jake Blatowski and certain death at the hands of ravenous monsters is an eleven-year-old girl.
And that’s just too bad for the monsters.
4 · 25 · 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016

JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Featured Magical Girl 4: Tuneless Ramona

Meet the next magical girl featured from JAKE AND THE DYNAMO over at

There are only two things that can frighten a citizen of mankind’s final city. One is a monster attack. The second is Magical Girl Tuneless Ramona. [more...]

Friday, April 22, 2016

JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Featured Magical Girl 3: Rifle Maiden

Not much is known about Rifle Maiden. Armed with a rifle and a pair of revolvers, she can fire explosive bolts or stun blasts, and apparently never runs out of ammunition.  However, her energy consumption is quite high, as she has difficulty sustaining power in prolonged combat without a steady supply of juice boxes. [more...]

Thursday, April 21, 2016

JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Featured Magical Girl 2: Grease Pencil Marionette

Come join me at, where I'll be serializing my new novel, JAKE AND THE DYNAMO.

Magical Girl Grease Pencil Marionette is a fully functional magical girl simulation system. She is the creation of a genius scientist who dreamt of a day when an army of robots might protect the city from monsters and thus leave its young girls to live their lives in peace. Alas, he died upon activating her, so she is the first, and most likely the last, of her kind. [more...]

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

JAKE AND THE DYNAMO Featured Magical Girl: Pizza Margherita

I'm preparing to serialize my new web novel, JAKE AND THE DYNAMO, a magical action-adventure comedy, over at Come join me.

Featured right now is the bio of one of the novel's many, many heroines, Magical Girl Space Princess Pizza Margherita:

In an age when humanity faced the prospect of extinction at the hands of man-eating vegetables, comfort food came to the rescue.
Member of the fabled Mozzarella crime family and a direct descendent of Benito Mozzarella himself, Margherita can make you a pizza you can’t refuse. While working as a waitress at a pizzeria, she fed a stick of pepperoni to a starving puppy, only to find that the dog was actually a visitor from Planet Italia, who rewarded her for her good deed by anointing her princess and granting her the Power of Pizza. [more...]

Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Review Up at Deus ex Magical Girl

I'm moving pretty much all of my new content over to my new blog. If you like my reviews, feel free to join me. I have a new review up of Yuyuko Takemiya's latest manga series, Evergreen.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Blog and New Short Story

I have a new blog, and most of my activity will be over there for the foreseeable future.  I'm not surrendering my web address for this blog, but it's become weighed down with dead links and legacy widgets and fiddled-with code, so if I return to it, I'm likely to reboot it with a new platform.

All the reviews I want to do in the near future will be anime or similar, so they're more appropriate for my new site:, where I am both blogging and hosting fiction.  I have a new Rag & Muffin short story up, and if you liked my previous review of Sailor Moon: Crystal, I will be following the new season from there.

And I'm excited to announce that I will be posting a serialized web novel starting possibly as early as next week.  Stay tuned.