Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Joss Whedon Savaged on Twitter

Never forget, Leftists eat their own.

If the professionally offended have their way, nobody will be able to write stories about anything, ever.  Because everything, absolutely everything, is offensive to those who base their lives on being aggrieved.

Joss Whedon got run off Twitter by a shrieking mob of SJWs because . . . not sure, really.  He unexpectedly shipped a couple of Marvel characters in Age of Ultron.  That is apparently badthink.  And none of the shriekers can actually state what bothers them; no, they merely hurl swearwords and insults.

There is simply no way Whedon could have predicted this ahead of time and steered clear of it.  Accusations of racism, sexism, and several made-up words have simply come at him out of nowhere.  That is the point of a witch hunt:  you never know when they'll come for you.

Whedon himself is a Leftist, even if he is not of the screaming, brain-dead Twitter/Tumblr variety.  Will this wake him up?  It might, but the experiences of previous Leftists who've been made the main dish at the cannibal feast indicates it probably won't.

John C. Wright claims the so-called Social Justice Warriors are not really Leftists at all, because they stand for the opposite of what Leftists stand for:  they stand for discrimination based on color, sex, and sexual inclination; they are Nazis who've made the straight white male their Jew.

But I disagree:  this is where politics based on grievance-mongering must inevitably end up.  It may start with one grievance, but then there will be others, and then more and more, and they will never be satisfied.

This is why a man cannot be forgiven his sins if he does not forgive others their sins.  That is not Christ being harsh or unfair, but telling us something about human nature.  Unforgiveness leads to ingratitude, which leads to rage and hate.  And to be trapped in rage and hate is to be damned.

Open the first link above.  Read the Twitter posts.  That is what it is to be in hell.
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