Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Hill to Die On

I recently received this in my e-mail from

Columnist Mollie Hemingway said it perfectly today:
“If religious liberty is the wrong hill to die on in America, then there is no such thing as the right hill to die on.”
The events in Indiana, and now Arkansas have us thinking…

If any candidate for elective office cannot stand for the basic right to religious freedom, they forfeit the support of Catholic voters. Period. 

Republican, Democrat, anyone. 

Today Arkansas Republican Asa Hutchinson followed Indiana governor Mike Pence in calling for “clarifications” and revisions to a simple law once supported almost unanimously by Republicans and Democrats. This despite outright lies about what these laws say and do.

In both cases it was Big Business bullies who used lies and distortions to pressure these Republican politicians. Apple's CEO slammed Indiana for its new law and Arkansas-based Walmart publicly denounced a bill recently approved by lawmakers in Little Rock.

Don’t be fooled. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act does NOT legalize discrimination. Anyone that says so is misinformed or lying.

The federal version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was signed by President Clinton and had the unanimous approval of the U.S. House and lopsided 97-3 support in the United States Senate. Did rampant discrimination ensue? Of course not. Because that’s not what the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is about.

So the question is: since when do we give up on the Bill of Rights when one of the rights becomes “controversial”?

Of course the answer is: NEVER! It's precisely when these precious freedoms are under attack when real leaders are called to rise up and defend them!

The Founders of our country called it our First Freedom for a reason. And it was no accident that they placed religious freedom as the very first provision of the First Amendment – before freedom of assembly or even free speech!

Mark my words, this will be the rallying cry of the liberal left in 2016. I can see the questions already: Do you support "bigotry"?

Makes you wonder if 2016 hopefuls will crack under pressure.

We need to make crystal clear where we stand. Religious liberty is a God-given right which cannot be compromised.

This is where I need your feedback.

Do you agree that Catholics should tell the GOP that any candidate who refuses to defend this precious liberty deserves to lose, and will lose the support of Catholic voters?

Hillary Clinton is already in the pocket of big business in favor of crushing minority rights. The question is: will GOP hopefuls have the courage to stand up to the media lies, big business bullies and the billion dollar anti-marriage LGBT special interests? is ready to hold the line.

Polls show the public is still on our side when they know the truth.

Are you ready to stand with us?

My answer to Cathlolicvote is that I respect the hardline position they are taking, but I respectfully decline.  No.

Why, you ask?   Because the worst RINO is better than the jackbooted totalitarians who now make up the DNC, and who are making it clear, hardly bothering to disguise it anymore, that what they long for is to line up all Christians, or anyone else who disagrees with them on any point, against a wall.

Nobody honestly believes that the law in Indiana will cause little old lesbians to die in the street from starvation because nobody will sell them a ham sandwich.  The law does not allow for that, and even if it did, that still wouldn't happen.  No, the reason for the hooplah over Indiana's decision to pass a piece of legislation that matches existing federal legislation is obvious:  it prevents anyone from dragging Christians into court for being Christian.  It defangs the militant sexual neurotics who want to be able to order everyone else to approve and even participate.

Note how they have reacted to this legislation, not by following the normal means of our legal or legislative process, but by getting some Silicon Valley thugs from out of state to apply economic sanctions.  Note also the ridiculous and outrageous lies they have told.

This is always the preferred method of tyrants who want to tempt Christians, or anyone of good will, to place Caesar above God, whatever "Caesar" happens to be this season.  Antiochus appeared before the Jews arrayed in purple and ordered them to eat pork lest they face his wrath, because he wanted to hellenize the world.  Pliny appeared before the Christians likewise arrayed in majesty, and he ordered them to burn incense to Caesar as a god, because the imperial cult was the test of loyalty to the Empire.

Today, because we live in a ridiculous age, Caesar appears before us arrayed in a clown suit, and he orders us to accept whatever is coming out of the Gender Studies department this week, lest he file a frivolous lawsuit or refuse to sell us Apple products.

Nonetheless, majestic or absurd, with threats terrible or merely obnoxious, the ultimate point is the same.  He threatens our livelihoods, and when he is powerful enough will threaten our lives, because he cannot threaten our souls.  If we have a TV show, he'll call his rent-a-mob to get us cancelled, or if we sell chicken sandwiches, he'll call his rent-a-mob to stop buying the chicken sandwiches they didn't formerly buy anyway, or if we sell cakes or take photos, he'll demand we commit sacrilege and haul us into court if we refuse.  If we pass legislation to keep him at bay, he'll take our iPhones.

But what of that?  There is nothing new under the sun.  This same situation returns time and again, merely changing in its superficial details:

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Republicans may be weak and stupid, but they are better than the alternative, and if they actually get support from what is supposed to be their base, they might possibly grow a spine.  Perhaps they'll even grow some brains, though that is less likely.

What exactly would Catholicvote have me do?  Not vote?

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