Saturday, April 11, 2015

Patrick Nielsen Hayden Learns about Sad Puppies

Man, the SJWs have really gone ballistic. The smear campaigning and the outright lying are just off the charts. Salon, The Atlantic, and Entertainment Weekly are perhaps the guiltiest parties, printing articles accusing the Sad Puppies of pushing an "all-white, all-male" slate, which is blatantly false.

Entertainment Weekly already printed a retraction worded in a "please don't sue us for libel" kind of way:

John C. Wright has already announced he won't sue. Larry Correia has spoken to a lawyer. Christians are called to refrain from indulging in frivolous lawsuits, but I personally think that exposing the lies of the leftwing media is a worthy enough cause. They could successfully sue about five or six major publications at this point.
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