Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrate St. Valentine's Day Today

Today is the feast of St. Valentine, and this year it is particularly important to remember it, since Hollywood, in its wisdom, has chosen to degrade the day with the release of Fifty Shades of Woman-Beating, or, as I recently saw someone call it, Desperate Housewives of Gor.

Here, Father Frank O'Gara explains the real meaning of St. Valentine's Day:

"He was a Roman Priest at a time when there was an emperor called Claudias who persecuted the church at that particular time," Father O'Gara explains. " He also had an edict that prohibited the marriage of young people. This was based on the hypothesis that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers because married soldiers might be afraid of what might happen to them or their wives or families if they died."

"I think we must bear in mind that it was a very permissive society in which Valentine lived," says Father O'Gara. "Polygamy would have been much more popular than just one woman and one man living together. And yet some of them seemed to be attracted to Christian faith. But obviously the church thought that marriage was very sacred between one man and one woman for their life and that it was to be encouraged. And so it immediately presented the problem to the Christian church of what to do about this."

"The idea of encouraging them to marry within the Christian church was what Valentine was about. And he secretly married them because of the edict."

Valentine was eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured for performing marriage ceremonies against command of Emperor Claudius the second. There are legends surrounding Valentine's actions while in prison.

"One of the men who was to judge him in line with the Roman law at the time was a man called Asterius, whose daughter was blind. He was supposed to have prayed with and healed the young girl with such astonishing effect that Asterius himself became Christian as a result."

In the year 269 AD, Valentine was sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation all because of his stand for Christian marriage. The story goes that the last words he wrote were in a note to Asterius' daughter. He inspired today's romantic missives by signing it, "from your Valentine."

"What Valentine means to me as a priest," explains Father O'Gara, "is that there comes a time where you have to lay your life upon the line for what you believe. And with the power of the Holy Spirit we can do that -- even to the point of death."  [more...]

So there you have it. Today is a day to celebrate Christian marriage, the marriage for life between one man and one woman, even in the face of mockeries, distortions, and persecutions.

Now I invite you to the Breitbart review, by John Nolte, of Fifty Shades of Grey. It offers plenty of good quotes, but here is perhaps the best:

For some time it’s been glaringly obvious that modern, left-wing feminism is nothing more than a hoax designed by chauvinist men desperate to con women into believing that loveless, empty sex and being treated like garbage is the road to enlightenment.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” isn’t controversial or envelope pushing. It’s a pathetic rationalization created by the pathetic for the pathetic.

Feminists have gone from resenting having a man open a door for them to being okay with kneeling naked on all fours in front of that door until the man walks through it to physically abuse and emotionally degrade them. Congratulations…

You’ve come a long way, baby.  [more...]
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