Thursday, January 22, 2015

March for Life Goes Underreported as Usual

As discussed over at Little Shop of Words, the March for Life is today and tomorrow.  Around 650,000 participated last year, and since the numbers have been steadily growing, the count will probably be even larger this year, but don't expect to hear much of anything about it on most news networks.

Last year, ABC and NBC gave the March for Life a combined 46 seconds of air time, donating nearly 5 times that much to BaoBao, a new panda cub at the National Zoo. CBS didn’t even mention the March. The year before, networks gave 521 times more coverage to Manti Te’o and his fictional girlfriend than they gave to a rally that effectively shuts down Capitol Hill. Whatever your stance on abortion, certainly we can agree that the issue is more important that the birth of a baby panda or some football player’s love life!  [More...]

He forgot to mention that most of the networks also underreport the number of people participating.
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