Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cello Is Best Instrument

Well, I have found the cello I was looking for. And it is awesome. Oh man, it is awesome. You guys gotta see this action.

For starters, let's get you warmed up with The Piano Guys and their epic video, "Cello Wars."


If that isn't enough cello-dueling for you (it sure isn't enough for me), I want to introduce you to the first musical group I can think of that has ever gotten me really, really excited.  When I hear these guys, I want to jump up and bounce off the walls.  I'm talking about 2Cellos, two guys from Croatia who use cellos to do things that are still illegal in seventeen countries.  Watch and be amazed as they shred "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns n' Roses while also shredding their bows.

So illegal.

And finally, to tone it down a bit, we have the haunting strains of Adam Hurst

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