Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gross Self-Promotion

Speaking of ponies, I am totally going to shut up about shutting up about ponies sometime in the near future.

In the meanwhile, I shall shameless promote my fan fiction in progress.  Previously, I was working on something  called Shadow of the Dragon Lords, which has a title embarrassingly similar to a John Scalzi parody.  You're probably better off reading the piece by Scalzi, though that pretty much goes without saying anyway.  The second half of season 2 jossed most of the important details in my little work in progress, so it's on hold indefinitely.  Also, I totally flipped a table and ragequit the fandom when I got jossed.  How dare they contradict my insignificant fanfic!

On much surer footing, and posted on a much prettier website, are my two current works in progress, Princess Trinity and Assassinate Princess Celestia!  The former is a G1/G4 crossover featuring demons from hell and quotations stolen from both Paradise Lost and the Inferno.  The latter has ninja mules and cake.
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