Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Derpy Day and Sad Day for Freedom

Borrowed from Equestria Daily.

I'm going to shut up about ponies at some point in the near future, really, but I thought it worth mentioning that today, March 1st, is Derpy Day, which is to be celebrated by the wearing of gray tee-shirts and the consumption of muffins.

I find it somehow fitting that the day chosen by My Little Pony fans to celebrate their favorite character, who was recently censored by the powers that be because she didn't please the over-sensitive appetites of the randomly offended PC-niks who may strike anywhere, anytime, over anything, so that it is impossible to please them because it is impossible to guess ahead of time what they might arbitrarily find offensive, should also be the day the U.S. Senate has decided that little thing we call the First Amendment isn't really so important, and has tabled the Blunt Amendment, which would have protected the conscience rights of Christians who don't wish to spend their money on people's fornications and adulteries, and who do not wish to pay for the murder of children or the various devices and pills that make it easy for men to use women like tissues, and for women to treat themselves as if they had no value, and for the culture to perpetuate the hatred of children that has become one of its chief defining characteristics.

If Obamacare and the HHS mandate finally go into law, it will be the duty of all followers of Christ, and all men of goodwill who care about the freedoms our Constitution is supposed to guarantee us, to rebel against them and refuse to comply, and also to refuse to pay the fines the government will levy against them, and to go to jail, and to make right nuisances of themselves in jail in order to make clear that they cannot be easily tucked away and forgotten about.  Our bishops and priests, especially, must be prepared to lead the way in this civil disobedience.

Happy Derpy Day.  Go have a muffin.
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