Sunday, March 25, 2012

. . . Because the Queen Rules

"Queen Elizabeth Stuns Bride and Groom by Accepting Invite."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Novena to Stop the HHS Mandate

From Intimate Geography

From Eric Scheidler:

Lord God,

You are Light, and in You there is no darkness.
You sent Your Son Jesus Christ
as the Light of the World,
and You sent Your Holy Spirit
to enlighten the hearts and minds of all.

Lord, we pray today
that we may always experience
the light of Your truth,
informing our conscience
of what is right and what is wrong.

We pray that this light
will reach all of our fellow citizens,
that they may recognize the dangers of evil
which are often hidden along their path.

Open the eyes and minds of all
to the threats that currently exist
to our religious freedom,
to the health and well-being of women,
and to the good of our nation.

Give us the grace not only to recognize evil,
but also to reject it with the unwavering strength
that comes from you.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sticking It to the Man

Being a blogger who makes his e-mail public, I get a lot of junk in my inbox, and most of it gets deleted without comment or reply, but when this showed up, I checked it out and it seems legit, since it also appears in U.S. Politics Today, and I think I'll reprint it verbatim with only a brief comment.

Catholic missionary suing government willing to risk health over HHS mandate

DENVER, Colo., March 6, 2012—A missionary with FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, and one of two private citizens who has joined states, senators and others in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' mandate that nearly all health insurance plans cover contraceptives free of charge, says she would give up her critically important health insurance if the mandate is not overturned.

Stacy Molai, of Omaha, Neb., suffers from Crohn’s disease and says her health insurance coverage is critical in order to avoid financial ruin and possibly life-threatening consequences. Medical supplies for her condition cost up to $400 every month.

Molai, 31, raises her own salary as a lay Catholic missionary and says that, “Should the mandate be upheld, I would gladly give up my insurance coverage, despite the very real risk that would pose to my financial well-being and my health.”

“The government mandate violates my constitutional guarantee of the Freedom of Association,” Molai added. “I'm no longer free to associate with another Catholic employer without grave risks in abandoning a grandfathered insurance policy. I have had four surgeries and countless hospitalizations because of my Crohn's disease.”

“But my relationship with Jesus Christ is at the core of who I am, and the government mandate violates my unalienable rights by interfering with that sacred relationship. I'm no longer free to follow the dictates of my conscience and the teaching of my Church without great financial and health risks. That's not freedom.”

Jeremy Rivera, director of communications at FOCUS, stated that, “FOCUS is proud to have a woman like Stacy among our missionary staff. As her employer, we stand in solidarity with her and her convictions to remain true to her conscience and to exercise her religious liberty in the face of the government’s proposed HHS mandate. Given the reality of Stacy’s serious health issues, her courage should inspire all Catholics and people of faith to reinforce the necessity to overturn this unjust law.”

Miss Molai shames me. Not being a Catholic business owner myself, I was just pondering exactly what my own obligation would be when the new law demanding that Catholics burn incense to Moloch comes into effect.  If she, seriously ill, can give up health insurance to avoid sin, then I, who am healthy and physically fit, can do no less.

No More 'Terra Nova' for J00

From its IMDB page.
R.I.P., Terra Nova.  Well, sort of, or maybe, or probably, or something like that.  Fox has ousted Stephen Spielberg's dinosaur show with the great concept and the mediocre writing.  I'm sad to see it go, as it was one of the few real family shows left, but I'm not surprised, because what I saw of it wasn't all that good.

The show was about a family joining a group of colonists who go back in time to live in the Cretaceous; it was more-or-less the Swiss Family Robinson with Dinosaurs and guns.

According to the BBC, Fox has dropped the show but is looking to sell it to another network.  If it does continue, I personally suggest they get new writers and subject the show to some serious retcon.  In particular, they should throw out that dumb detail about the rebels having control of their only source of iron.  I mean, seriously, they got a rift in the space-time continuum that opens to the year 2149.  Can they honestly not call up the future and say, "Yo, send iron"?

Thanks to a reader for sending this in.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fan Fiction Update: 'Shadow of the Dragon Lords'

I stoled it.
I am actually going to shut up about ponies at some point in the future, really, but not before I tout my fan fiction work, "Shadow of the Dragon Lords," which is now on chapter 6, but don't let that intimidate you:  the chapters are short.

While watching My Little Pony:  Friendship Is Magic, and yes, "Is" is capitalized in a title, it occurred to me to wonder why exactly Spike the dragon is hanging out with all these ponies.  It also occurred to me to wonder why Spike has a crush on Rarity the Unicorn, or why, for that matter, we see him in the series premier bringing a teddy bear to a Unicorn mare named Moondancer, or why Twilight Sparkle calls him "Casanova," suggesting he has a reputation.

I came to the obvious conclusion almost immediately:  clearly, Spike is a political hostage being held in Canterlot to prevent a draconic uprising, and he developed his unnatural attraction to ponies while serving as a harem guard in the palace seraglio, a role for which his masters mistakenly thought him well-suited, due to the species difference.  See The Hostage by Zayd Muti Dammaj for further sordid details, or else see "Shadow of the Dragon Lords" for decidedly less sordid details.

Spike performs his harem duties.

Actually, Spike is not the main character of the piece.  The main character is Princess Luna, awesomest of the ponies, who commands the moon, rides the storm, flies in a black chariot, wears a cloak of living bats, and speaks in Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe.  I think her dialogue is supposed to be all Elizabethan, but it actually came out kind of Kimberlian, or even Meredithian.  For the hay of it, in my story, I made her a practitioner of Lovecraftian black magic.  Also, doing a Google image search for Princess Luna is a creepy experience.

Unfortunately, the episode in which Her Highness appears is largely about Twilight Sparkle trying to convince Her Highness to act more like an ill-mannered modern American and less like a princess, but so it goes.  Personally, I really wanted to see Her Highness give Twilight a royal beat-down.

A quick explanation of Luna's awesomeness.

And remember that scene at the end in which little Pipsqueak grabs Her Highness's mane?  Yeah, I wanted to see her give him a beat-down, too:  "Unhoof me, dastard!  Darest thou to lay hooves on majesty?  Crouch in the dust and lick, thou cur!  Thou dog!"

Although it may appear to be a waste of time, "Shadow of the Dragon Lords" is actually a public service:  I am doing my part to reduce brony illiteracy by correctly naming the piece of furniture on which Rarity sometimes throws herself in mock displays of excessive emotion.

I stoled that one, too.
Never refer to a Unicorn's chaise longue as a "fainting couch."  A Unicorn can mess you up.

Courtesy of Orthometer.

Okay, so . . . I lost my train of thought in there someplace.  My point is that you should go read "Shadow of the Dragon Lords," or Rarity will run you over with a tank.  Something like that.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Derpy Day and Sad Day for Freedom

Borrowed from Equestria Daily.

I'm going to shut up about ponies at some point in the near future, really, but I thought it worth mentioning that today, March 1st, is Derpy Day, which is to be celebrated by the wearing of gray tee-shirts and the consumption of muffins.

I find it somehow fitting that the day chosen by My Little Pony fans to celebrate their favorite character, who was recently censored by the powers that be because she didn't please the over-sensitive appetites of the randomly offended PC-niks who may strike anywhere, anytime, over anything, so that it is impossible to please them because it is impossible to guess ahead of time what they might arbitrarily find offensive, should also be the day the U.S. Senate has decided that little thing we call the First Amendment isn't really so important, and has tabled the Blunt Amendment, which would have protected the conscience rights of Christians who don't wish to spend their money on people's fornications and adulteries, and who do not wish to pay for the murder of children or the various devices and pills that make it easy for men to use women like tissues, and for women to treat themselves as if they had no value, and for the culture to perpetuate the hatred of children that has become one of its chief defining characteristics.

If Obamacare and the HHS mandate finally go into law, it will be the duty of all followers of Christ, and all men of goodwill who care about the freedoms our Constitution is supposed to guarantee us, to rebel against them and refuse to comply, and also to refuse to pay the fines the government will levy against them, and to go to jail, and to make right nuisances of themselves in jail in order to make clear that they cannot be easily tucked away and forgotten about.  Our bishops and priests, especially, must be prepared to lead the way in this civil disobedience.

Happy Derpy Day.  Go have a muffin.

Disney Ruins John Carter

Why is it Hollywood can no longer make a decent pulpy action adventure movie?  Look at what they did to Beowulf and Transformers, for crying out loud.  How can they get such simple and timeless tales so horribly wrong?

Though I do have to admit that, to my eternal shock, they did all right by Captain America.  But that was a fluke.

With a hat-tip to John C. Wright, we have news on the early screening of John Carter in Philadelphia, via Latino Review.  Let me begin by pointing out the first thing wrong with this movie:  the title.  Shouldn't it have "of Mars" in it somewhere?  Edgar Rice Burroughs's first novel in his long Martian series was called Under the Moons of Mars, later retitled A Princess of Mars.  And Disney, in its brilliance, changes the title to . . . John Carter.  Genius.  That title is so totally not boring, really.

Here's from Latino Review, from which I also stole that picture up top:

. . . the story takes us back thirteen years earlier where American Civil War veteran Carter is prospecting in Arizona. Being that they are deep in Apache territory, an Army Colonel (played by an almost unrecognizable Bryan Cranston) takes Carter into custody with the intent of forcing him to join their fight against the Native Americans. After a series of fairly humorous escape attempts, Carter finally makes a real jail break and flees into the mountains on horseback, where he’s forced to save the Colonel’s life after the man and his pursuing soldiers have a run in with a tribe of natives.  [more . . .]

In other words, they twisted up the opening of the novel to make the cavalry the bad guys and make John Carter, who in Burroughs is the greatest fighter on two worlds and likes it, war-weary.

I'll just let Mr. Wright give the response to this mutilation of the story's opening:

. . . I still have some hope for this film, but I also know that, in the same way Jackson could not portray Aragorn and Faramir in a LOTR film, Disney cannot portray John Carter. Political Correctness focuses on two main thoughts: undermining authority and emasculating masculinity. The storybook hero, since roughly the time of Mallory, has always had two characteristics: he was both humble and ferocious. That is the paradox of chivalry: a man obedient to the authority of country, king, and God, and all the noble principles of fair play, who is also a very devil in combat, laughing as he slays. There is no humility in PC, because there is no authority aside from the ego, and there is no laughter in PC, except for mocking laughter such as imps laugh when they see fair and fine things fail, and they have no joy in battle.  [more . . .]

And what becomes of a society when the Leftists and PC-niks have had their way?  What happens when heroism and chivalry are dead, men are taught to be cowards, women are taught to be men, marriages are destroyed, and children are raised in broken homes?

Han shoots second and Derpy gets removed from canon, that's what.  Save your stories, fanboys:  become a conservative Christian.