Saturday, October 15, 2011

Update Again

At least from the writer's perspective, it is interesting to compare the differences between the mediums of the novel and of the graphic novel.  It's possible to do things in one that are impossible in the other.  Certain scenes in Rag & Muffin I have had to abandon or alter drastically, but others I am able to expand in new ways.  This following paragraph, for example, couldn't translate into graphic novel format; I don't know if this or anything like it will be in the final draft, but I, for one, find it hilarious:

When Shin looked her way, Jeanne saw her chance. She flashed her bright blue eyes at him over her glasses while simultaneously flicking her wayward ponytail off her shoulder; it was a maneuver she had practiced countless times in front of a mirror, and though Jeanne was in a decidedly awkward phase of adolescence, this gesture gave her the appearance of a saucy young lady of the world, and it could never fail to have its intended effect on any boy who had begun to find girls interesting. She was rewarded when Shin for the briefest moment sucked his breath between his teeth. That was enough to give Jeanne the courage to overcome her shyness and adopt a haughty attitude, even though haughtiness somehow emphasized her large overbite. “Shin,” she pronounced with the authority of someone wise beyond her years, “you’re being mean.”

Oh, the awful, deadly serious world of playground politics.
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