Monday, October 31, 2011

'Terra Nova,' Reprise

Being on my break, I had nothing better to do this Halloween evening besides watch the latest episode of Terra Nova, and I must say my opinion of the show has just improved a great deal. The pilot was not encouraging, and every episode I'd seen after that was ill-conceived and kind of stupid. Certain things are still stupid, and they couldn't possibly fix them without a retcon, but the latest episode, involving an investigation of a murder-by-dinosaur, was pretty good, with all the appropriate twists of a mystery show and some subplots in the background that were meted out at the right pace. The characters are still paper-thin and I still can't remember their names, but at least there are signs that the show might be finding its bearings, which is good, because the basic concept of "Swiss Family Robinson with Dinosaurs and Machine Guns," probably the most creative premise for a family sit-com since Lost in Space, is too good to waste.

I also take heart that the preview for next week indicates it will involve a siege battle with dinosaur-riding, or at least dinosaur-wrangling. Win.

Oh, dude. In the course of writing this brief post, I discovered I can watch all of Lost in Space online for free, apparently legally. Also win. Man, what did geeks do before the Internet?
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