Friday, October 14, 2011

Alive and Kicking, Sort Of . . .

What do Sci Fi Catholics do on their breaks when they're out in the field and living in motels?  They spend their days at the library, obviously.  And type chapters of their works-in-progress on outdated versions of Word and e-mail them to themselves.

Okay, I really have nothing of interest to report here, considering that I've been out of the loop of all news of any sort for the last several days.  I'm just tucking in and getting some writing done while I have access to a computer.  Trying to run a blog and be an archaeologist at the same time is making one of those smart phones actually look like a good idea.  Then I could at least upload brief, inane posts while in the field--more inane than usual, I mean.  I've been avoiding getting a cell phone for as long as I could, since cell phones are the Mark of the Beast described in the Apocalypse*, but I might finally cave in.  After all, I can't buy or sell without one.

* I'm joking, of course.  The Mark of the Beast is actually Obamacare, which will not permit Americans to buy or sell unless they burn a pinch of incence to Moloch.
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