Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When the Great Old One Wants a Great Cold One . . .

. . . he reaches for Brewthulhu.

Brewthulhu is less filling, so you still have plenty of room for all the slavering, terrified sailors driven mad by the horror of your rising. Brewthulhu: it's the beer preferred by most eldritch abominations. At the end of a long, hard day of breaking men's minds, kick back on the beach in front of your non-Euclidean condo with a bottle of Brewthulhu.

Brewthulhu: so good, it might drive you crazy.

Are you devoted to good beer? I mean, are you so devoted you make a cult out of it? Now you can show your devotion to the world without any lurid sacrifices or terrifying rituals that might lead the police into the swamp to discover your secrets. At the Sci Fi Catholic online store, you can purchase the "OLD ONE WITH A COLD ONE" tee-shirt featuring a design by Amber Fabian.
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