Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Really Fast Neutrinos

As a follow-up of sorts to our review of the time travel adventure show Terra Nova, I direct you to a radio program on the subject of the experiment of which you may have already heard, in which researchers at CERN in Geneva recorded what may be faster-than-light neutrinos.  More science will have to happen before faster-than-light particles are accepted as real, of course, but if neutrinos really can exceed light speed, that will be a big deal.

The program speculates that it may mean some form of time travel is possible.  Here's the link.

However this plays out, and whatever future research shows, it will make for some good sci-fi phlebotinum, I've no doubt.  Just say "neutrino," and throw some other big words around with paraphrased excerpts from science magazines, and . . . presto!  Explanation for an FTL drive!
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