Saturday, September 24, 2011

Narcissistic Update 2

I had cause earlier this week to write a short story set in the same universe at my work in progress, which I am writing under the working title of Rag & Muffin, and which features a magical girl who hunts down slave traffickers, and I enjoyed it so much that I wondered if I should try producing Rag & Muffin as a novel instead of as a comic, so as an experiment I sat down today and banged out the first chapter in prose form, which comes to 6,000 words according to the standard estimate used by editors.  If I wrote the whole of Rag & Muffin in novel format at the pace of 6,000 words a day, I'd probably have the whole first draft done in about two weeks.

However, I find myself confronted with one major problem:  the cheesy one-liners just don't work as well in a novel.  Lines like, "I have come for your salty snacks," or, "If you could buy beef around here, I'd tell you to put a steak on that," sound pretty silly in a novel, even after an outrageous action scene.  If I produced it as a novel, I would probably even have to drop my favorite cheesy one-liner, "Rag & Muffin, meet Smith & Wesson."  And the story is pretty much pointless if that line doesn't go in there.
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