Friday, September 23, 2011

Does Anyone Remember 'Freedom'?

John C. Wright's latest post jarred something in my memory that has almost nothing to do with what he was writing about: the extremely short-lived television series Freedom that appeared on UPN in 2000 and then disappeared just as quickly. As I recall, circumstances never enabled me to watch a full episode all the way through, but I do remember the show having outrageous wire-fu fight scenes of the kind I like, as well as crassness of the kind I don't. Essentially, the show was about freedom fighters trying to topple a military regime that had taken over the United States, and the freedom fighters, though few in number, had the advantage of being able to do chop-sockey martial arts stunts.

After some strenuous Internet research that took me all of five minutes, I discovered the show has gotten a thorough writeup at a site previously unknown to me, Television Obscurities. According to that article, only twelve episodes of Freedom were ever made, and only seven aired in the U.S., though it enjoyed complete broadcasting in Brazil and some other countries.

Does anyone here remember Freedom? I only remember bad acting, lots of fighting, and a gratuitous scene of jello-wrestling that guaranteed I wouldn't be tuning in again next week. If anyone remembers this, how was it? It apparently has some cult followers.
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