Monday, August 29, 2011

News from the Fish Bowl

It's me, Lucky, here again with a soggy keyboard and your weekly news!

Bill Trojan Passes Away at Worldcon

Book dealer Bill Trojan, who appeared frequently at conventions, died at Worldcon in Reno, Nevada.  Dean Wesley Smith presents a remembrance at SF Signal.

Cyborg Filmmaker Works on Video Game

As reported by Mike Wehner at Tecca, filmmaker Rob Spence worked with Square Enix on the game Deus Ex:  Human Revolution, a cyberpunkish action game.  Spence himself has a cybernetic eye:

After a firearm accident left Spence without one of his eyes, he took the bold step of having it replaced with something a little more robotic. Now, housed within his eye socket is a small camera that allows him to stream and record his daily life wirelessly. In the short documentary, Spence showcases some of the cool features of the camera, including being able to stream his own vision to a handheld display. [more . . .]

NASA Works with Tor/Forge on Novels

Now that NASA no longer has to worry about actually running a space program, the agency has more time for science fiction.  NASA is teaming up with publisher Tor/Forge, as reported in the Los Angeles Times:

NASA is teaming up with publisher Tor/Forge to help create what sounds a little like an oxymoron: science-based science fiction. But getting the science wrong can make a science-fiction novel fall flat on its face. Now, novelists in the Tor/Forge stable will have access to NASA scientists to get the facts of their fiction right. [more . . .]

I hope the guy who wrote that "oxymoron" thing isn't a regular book reviewer. I have so totally never ready any science fiction based on, you know, science.

Samsung Uses Sci-Fi to Attempt to Block Apple's Patent

Samsung, whose products we at The Sci Fi Catholic are now going to boycott out of sheer irritation, is attacking Apple's patent on the iPad because it vaguely resembles a high-tech gadget depicted in one scene of 2001:  A Space Odyssey, as reported by the Wall Street Journal:

Samsung, along with a motion that is still under seal, on Monday filed a declaration in federal court in San Jose, Calif., by a lawyer for the company suggesting that the basic design of the iPad was already envisioned by such popular works as Stanley Kubrick’s seminal movie, which came out in 1968. [more . . .]

Scientists Discover Truth Behind Comic Sans

And lastly, I give you this. This explains a lot, actually.

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