Sunday, August 14, 2011

John C. Wright on Christians and Fantasy

John C. Wright, an author I admire, has written two essays on a subject of perennial interest to this blog, the question of how Christians ought to treat fantasy literature.  He is reasonable and better-versed on the subject than most who take up pen to write about it, being learned not only on the subject of the fantasy genre but also on the subjects of Gnosticism and occultism, the two bogeymen most often conjured when this topic is on the table.  On top of that, while he defends fantasy literature, he treats its Christian critics with respect and takes their objections seriously.  All of that together make these two essays some of the best on the subject.  They deal, inevitably, with the Harry Potter books, but mention them only briefly, having a wider scope than that particular controversy.

Here are the links:

"Harry Potter and the Christian Magicians"
"Harry Potter and the Christian Magicians II--Baptizing Dumbledore"

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