Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oddest Movie Review I've Ever Read

Hello. I'm back, and that means our blog can at last grind slowly and cumbersomely back into action. That makes this officially our fourth reboot, I think. This time I have a good excuse: I was in seminary for two years and India for two months.

While I ponder producing a review of Cowboys & Aliens, I invite you to read a movie review that left me slack-jawed. At first I thought it was a joke, but as I looked at the comment section below, I discovered that the author was serious. I speak of Maryann Johanson's review of Cars 2, which claims that, because the movie is about intelligent cars with no humans around, it must secretly be a movie about the Intelligent Design movement.

This is approximately as unlikely as the claim of some over-reactive Christians that VeggieTales teaches animism.

The athropomorphizing of inanimate objects, vegetables, and animals in children's stories in most cases is hiding no deeper meaning. It's done because people like the imaginative whimsy. In the case of Cars, it was done because the movie was a nostalgic look at American car culture, probably influenced by those old Chevron ads. The sequel should not be interpreted as having any brand new ulterior motives.

Update: Ms. Johanson has linked this post from her Twitter account along with the caption, "Satirefail," which may indicate that I misunderstood her and her review was not meant to be serious after all.
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