Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Every year, I get dragons for Christmas, so that means new dragon photos. Check out this guy:

What a poser!

He is totally terrorizing that Christmas tree.

I'm gonna eatchu!!

Speaking of dragons, I finally managed to see How to Train Your Dragon, which is now one of my favoritest movies ever.  I might discuss it if I can stop goofing off, which is unlikely to happen because my brother got me BioShock, the video game I've been looking at since I read the rave review from Catholic Thomas L. McDonald.

. . . But on the other hand, I might not play much BioShock. I just got through the introductory sequence, and that game, while breathtakingly beautiful, is scary as heck.  After the mutant dude with the hooks for hands gutted that guy right in front of me and then started trying to break into my bathysphere, I turned it off.  I don't play a lot of video games and wasn't aware they could make them look quite this disturbingly realistic.  Not hard to see why this was Game of the Year and everything, though.
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