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Infinite Space, Infinite God II: The Book Tour

Infinite Space, Infinite God II

Infinity times two...squared!!

Infinite Space, Infinite God II, edited by Karina and Robert Fabian. Paladin Timeless Books, 2010.

And today we are touring the second anthology in the Infinite Space, Infinite God anthology series, featuring twelve hard sf stories with Catholic themes. I have here an interview with editor Karina L. Fabian, who you may know as the author of the Dragon Eye, P.I. stories, or perhaps as the mother of future manga artists. Anyway, this particular anthology is one very close to my own heart; I have my very own rejection slip for a story I submitted to it.

So here we go:

D.G.D. Tell us about the theme of ISIG 2. What sort of stories can readers expect to encounter?

Karina: We really didn't have a theme per se; we just wanted exciting, fun-to-read stories that put Catholic characters and situations in science fiction settings. However, readers are going to find a lot of adventures where the heroes are overcoming some terrific odds with the help of their faith. They'll find some touching stories and one that's going to make them laugh out loud (and maybe not look at Saturday night Mass the same way again.)

D.G.D.: What stories do you consider stand-outs? Tell us a little about them.

Karina: That's like asking which of my children "stands out." So I had my son Alex pick three:

"An Exercise in Logic" by Barton Paul Levenson: An ancient alien satellite has diverted an asteroid toward a human colony planet. The people who built the satellite refuse to veto programming logic installed by their ancestors. Can an Ursuline sister who is also an alien contact specialist change their minds?

"Otherworld" by Karina Fabian: Father Jonas is haunted by the loss of his mother, who died while in a virtual reality world. As a priest, he's driven to evangelize to the players in Otherworld--to remind them of reality and the God who cares about what they do on both worlds.

"Tin Servants" by J Sherer: Father Paul so desires to serve his people in war-torn Ghana that he allows himself to be altered to resemble the androids sent to provide medical help. Once there, however, he finds himself limited in the comfort he can offer, and embroiled in a conspiracy to convert the andorginacs into soldiers.

D.G.D.: Do you have any stories of your own in the collection?

Karina: Otherworld, as noted above. I wrote that one specifically because we wanted something with virtual reality for the anthology, but didn't get any submissions.

I also have "Antivenin," which is from Rob's and my Rescue Sisters universe. Three nuns from the Order of Our Lady of the Rescue offer help to a ship that is off-course and not answering hails. They find the ship crawling with venomous snakes that have killed their handler and bitten the pilot. When one bites her partner, Sister Rita must conquer her phobia and snatch the antivenin from their nest.

D.G.D.: I, Snakes on a Space Ship.

Karina: Finally, we got some feedback from one upset reader of ISIG who thought it was awful that Frankie would just take off with aliens and only leave a cryptic note for her parents ("Interstellar Calling"). So we wrote a story about when she comes back--bringing the aliens to the Vatican for First Contact.

D.G.D.: What is the overarching philosophy or purpose of the ISIG series?

Karina: Science and religion are not mutually exclusive. They are a part of being human, and they will continue to be part of our future.

D.G.D.: Are there any plans for an ISIG 3?

Karina: Not really. I think we have to see how this anthology fares, sales-wise.

And here we have the publisher's page for the book, where you can see the table of contents and some other information.
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