Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moral Premise Workshop

The blog's been dead lately, as we're currently in midterm season, but this was intriguing enough to pass on to anyone interested:

If you happen to be near Los Angeles, Los Angeles-Biola University is hosting "The Moral Premise," a workshop by Stanley D. Williams, who is presenting on the concepts from his book, The Moral Premise, which I hadn't heard of before, but which is apparently about how to structure stories--particularly screenplays--around a moral message.

Here's the website for the upcoming workshop, which will be all day on Saturday, November 6th.  The workshop costs a sweet $99 bucks, so I recommend buying the book instead for $16.47.

Here's a quotation from the website:

The moral premise is not a new idea.It's been an integral part of all story-telling from ancient times. Without exception all successful stories and movies are built around a true and consistently applied moral premise. While the physical premise, or the hook, focuses the filmmaker when it comes to pitching and marketing the story, the moral premise gives the physical premise meaning. Without a strong hook the movie has no motive force. Without a true moral premise the movie has no meaning and will fail at the box office. Audiences WANT entertainment, but, at the same time, they NEED to understand life and the human condition. Consciously they want an adrenalin rush. [more...]

Oh, and speaking of workshops and conventions and such, if you happen to be in the Portland area, you might find me hanging out at OryCon from November 12-14th. The website for that is here.

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