Friday, October 15, 2010

Go Read This! Right Now!!

Wah!  I just discovered by accident that Little White Mouse by Paul Sizer, one of my favorite comic books, is available on-line as a web comic!  And I never knew!  I mean, heck, I picked it up at random in a bookstore!

This comic has one of the best heroines ever, a sixteen-year-old mechanical genius trapped on an automated space station.  The images of her tearing apart machinery are somehow timeless and iconic.  The series has a couple of "mysteries" that turn out to be kinda stupid when they get explained, and there's this biker dude I don't like, but on the whole this is a totally awesome comic.

Here's the link to the table of contents on-line.  Sizer wrote a "prologue" for the omnibus edition, which is available here, but I honestly think the original first chapter, which starts things off in medias res, is a better way to begin the series.  The first chapter starts here.
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