Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour

Venom and Song: The Berinfell Prophecies Series - Book TwoI finally have enough of a breather in my schedule to post regarding the current BLOG TOUR, which is featuring the new book by millionaire playboy Christopher Hopper and Wayne Thomas Batson, who has both "Wayne" and "Bat" in his name, making him awesome.  Curiously, Hopper and Batson have never been photographed together...

Their new book is entitled Arsenic and Old, no wait, it's entitled The Cup of, no, it's entitled Venom and Song, a nonfiction book making a stirring call for Prohibition.

No, I'm kidding.  It's actually the second book of the Berinfell Prophecy series, which chronicles various predictions regarding the fall of the Berin Wall.

No, I'm kidding about that, too.  The Berinfell Prophecy series is YA fiction about seven magical elves raised in the human world until they came of age and returned to their own world to battle t3H 3v1L Spider King.

Well, that sounds awesome.  Let's check out some other options on t3H bL0g t3Wr:

Jeff Chapman has good things to say about it.  Sounds like the book pulls a few fine twists and delves thoughtfully into its characters:

Initially, the lords understand the conflict with the Spider King as a battle between good and evil. They are the "good guys" while the Gwar and assorted company are the "bad guys." Their Elvish handlers are content to leave them in ignorance, but a chance meeting with a scarlet raptor leads Kat and Tommy to a shocking discovery. The Elves once enslaved the Gwar and treated them cruelly. The Gwar have good reason to feel some antipathy toward the Elves. The revelations, which Kat and Tommy share with the others before approaching Grimwarden and Goldarrow, threaten to wreck the Elves' plans. Jett threatens to leave Allyra and return to Earth. Grimwarden and Goldarrow eventually convince the seven that despite the wrongs of the past, the Elvish cause is just in the face of the Spider King's tyranny and vengeance. "[H]ow much Elven blood must be spilled to pay the debt in full?" asks Grimwarden (p. 179). The seven learn that history is more gray than black and white and that righting past wrongs with more violence and wrongs does not resolve the original issue.  [more...]
Okay, well that's actually all I have time for.  Go check out the rest of the blog tour:

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