Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reader Assistance: Recommended YA Fiction

On four or five occasions now, parents have graciously taken the time to write to me and ask for good advice about YA ("young adult," actually meaning older children and adolescents) sf and fantasy for their growing boys and girls. My typical response is to thank them for so flattering me by asking my advice, and then to bow, scrape, hem, haw, and dodge the question as much as possible before offering a few titles I like and then swiftly signing off with a hasty goodbye and an air of embarrassment.

I would like to assemble a list of good, more-or-less clean YA fiction and give it permanent residence on a page here on the blog, but I don't think I can assemble anything but a very short list myself, so I am asking readers to chime in with their recommendations, either in a comment thread here (preferred) or by e-mailing me at  I will assemble these, after some review, into a "final" list, which can of course grow and morph and change shape over time.

If you would like to join in, just drop titles and say why you are submitting them.  Science fiction and fantasy are preferred, but other titles may be submitted.  Emphasis should be on novels, but short stories (preferably in anthologies, which are easier to obtain) are acceptable as well, as are comics and graphic novels.
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