Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick Link: Society of Amazonians Found in Amazon

Sci-fi website i09 has a link to a Washington Post article on archaeologists who have found unexpected evidence for a vast sedentary society in the Amazon.

Along the Xingu, an Amazon tributary in Brazil, Michael Heckenberger of the University of Florida has found moats, causeways, canals, the networks of a stratified civilization that, he says, existed as early as A.D. 800. In Bolivia, American, German and Finnish archaeologists have been studying how pre-Columbian Indians moved tons of soil and diverted rivers, major projects of a society that existed long before the birth of Christ.  [more...]

Waitaminnit, I remember this video game.  It was called Amazon:  Guardians of Eden, an adventure game set in the 1930s with a few interweaving plots that lead your protagonist into the Amazon to find a missing research team.  Pretty dang good story in that game, but it has possibly the most frustrating puzzles ever, as it requires you to pick up every last tiny object on every screen because you'll need them fifteen or sixteen chapters later, so if you happened to miss anything, you'll be totally screwed later on.  It says something about the quality of the storytelling that in spite of this frustration we eagerly played through to the bitter end.  Also, I happen to remember that the secret civilization in the depths of the Amazon was occupied entirely by highly attractive Scandinavian-looking women.  Who spoke American English.

The game is apparently abandonware, and is available here.
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