Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oops...The Death of the Blogroll

While attempting to navigate to my own website, I got a message from my browser informing me that The Sci Fi Catholic contains dangerous malware associated with the host for our blogrolls.

I logged in and killed the blogrolls immediately, and they will remain absent until I figure out what's up.

Twice, my antivirus software has had to clean a dangerous rootkit off the computer, a really bad one capable of logging keystrokes and taking screenshots in order to get at bank account info and that kind of thing.

I don't know if this particular malware originates from the blogrolls previously hosted here, or from something else.  I've visited The Sci Fi Catholic and numerous other websites several times, and I've also run my virus checker almost neurotically, sometimes more than once a day, after getting that pernicious virus the first time, but it has not shown up more than twice, so chances are I got it somewhere else, maybe at one of those shady webcomics I visit.  But I recommend all visitors to The Sci Fi Catholic run a virus check.  If you have an infection called rootkit something-or-other, I understand the recommendation is that you change your passwords and monitor your bank account information.

I apologize.  I didn't know we had malware here, and I was under the impression the blogroll host was reputable.  Maybe my browser guardian thingy made an error, but maybe not.  Maybe the "malware" is just some unwanted ad cookies, but maybe not.  I'll keep a closer eye on widgets in the future, and I'll also see if I can figure out what the problem is.
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