Friday, September 3, 2010


It has come to my attention, partly through my own reflection but also through a reader comment, that I have been misdirected in my criticism of Catholic author Michael D. O'Brien.  Although I disagree with his opinions, my comments have sometimes gotten personal.  I'm trying to strip personal attacks and rancor out of my writing (as well as out of my personality), so I apologize to readers.  I will seek to keep everything on a more even keel in the future.

Thank you, and I should have a real post up by tonight.  That will, I hope, get us back into a schedule of regular posting.  Also, I am nearly through The Stoneholding by James G. Anderson and Mark Sebanc, a book I was graciously offered to review, and which I have been rather sluggish about completing.  Look for the review sometime this long weekend (fingers crossed).
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