Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ray Bradbury Talks About Religion

Ray Bradbury was my favorite sf author as a kid, and I began writing because I wanted to imitate his style.  With CNN, he discusses his views on religion:
He describes himself as a "delicatessen religionist." He's inspired by Eastern and Western religions.

The center of his faith, though, is love. Everything -- the reason he decided to write his first short story at 12; his 56-year marriage to his muse and late wife, Maggie; his friendships with everyone from Walt Disney to Alfred Hitchcock -- is based on love.


Allusions to Christianity are common in his stories, but Bradbury doesn't define himself as a Christian. He considers Jesus a wise prophet, like Buddha and Confucius.

"Jesus is a remarkable person," Bradbury says. "He was on his way to becoming Christ, and he made it." [more...]
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