Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 4th Weekend! Also, The Last Airbender Arrives

Well, the big movie I was looking forward to this summer is here, and it currently holds an 8% on the Tomatometer. The last time I saw a movie with a reviewer response that negative, it was Ultraviolet.

Of course, I enjoyed Ultraviolet, mostly because I can enjoy anything involving a girl who wields dual handguns. I can even enjoy a movie about a girl who wields dual handguns against enemies so stupid they surround her and open fire all at once. Yet in spite of my enjoyment, Ultraviolet did make me feel dumber for watching it. It was like, with every bad one-liner or idiotic action sequence, I could sense my I.Q. ticking down by multiple points. Considering that it contains little more than mostly bloodless action violence and mild cheesecake along with an occasional cuss-word, I'm inclined to think that movie got an "O" rating from the USCCB mostly for being so stupid. Think of that--so stupid, it's a sin!

Of course, I usually make it my habit, out of respect for the USCCB reviewers, to avoid "O" movies, so when I looked that one up after having already seen the movie, I was slightly embarrassed.

"You got hemo blood on me. It's on."

Anyway, I have our tickets in hand, and I shall be seeing The Last Airbender on Sunday...IN 3-D!!!...along with the rest of the gang. Knowing that director M. Night Shyamalan has been something of a critical whipping boy for some time now, I shall try to reserve my judgment until then. Still, after anticipating this film for so long, I'm feeling a little deflated.
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