Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gratuitous Filler Between Real Posts: Borrowed Awesome Stuff

Snuffles, Frederick, and Phenny (the old gang) are visiting right now, and Snuffles was supposed to write a movie review today, but when I got home I found him sacked out on the couch in the rectory, eating Oreos and reading shoujo manga.  Also, Lucky is supposed to return to writing her weekly Monday news column, but nobody remembered to put her bowl next to the computer and leave it on.  I'll kick Snuffles's tail and get him to write that review in the near future.  Meanwhile, it so happens I recently came home from another movie, so we might have a couple of reviews coming down the pipe.

In the meanwhile, I have shamelessly stolen from John C. Wright's blog the following video that confirms me in my love of India, and convinces me that I chose rightly when deciding to place my current project, which may be in permanent "in-progress" status, in someplace that looks almost but not entirely like India.  Anyway, here it is, a music video obviously inspired by Desperado, yet somehow both cooler and dumber than Desperado, something I wouldn't have thought possible (I'll give both the sensitive and the huffy readers a cheesecake warning):

Wright has an interpretation of the video, reminiscent of something by C. S. Lewis, that's worth reading.
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