Monday, July 19, 2010

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Starlighter (Dragons of Starlight)

Hello.  Your resident dragon here, Snuffles T. Dragon, esq., to tell you about the new novel Starlighter, first in the Dragons of Starlight Series, by Bryan Davis.

In this novel, we have a couple of teenagers, Jason and Koren, who live in a world where dragons kidnap people and take them to another planet to serve as their slaves.

I cannot think of a better subject for a good YA novel.  I am, of course, much in favor of humans serving as the slaves of dragons.  Why, I myself live for the better part of the year in a cave in the high Himalayas where I lounge about on piles of gold and precious jewels while fourteen thinly clad yet luxuriously adorned virgins rub oil into my scales, pick parasites out of my teeth, make me cherries jubilee, darn my socks...oh, it's the life, I can tell you.  Human enslavement is one of the finest institutions draconic civilization has ever devised.  Speaking of which, I've just expanded the cave:  The new addition includes a full kitchen and bath, and I'm currently accepting applications.

But enough about me...well, there's never enough about me, but let's try talking about this Bryan Davis chap and his novel for a change.  I figure the poor kid deserves his chance in the limelight.

In this novel, Koren is a slave on the dragon planet searching for her freedom while Jason is a swordfighter in search of his abducted brother.  No doubt, by the end of the novel Koren has seen the error of her ways and returned to her mindless but decadently pleasurable life of scale-rubbing and sock-darning.  And as for Jason, I have one word--barbecue, baby!  Okay, that's two words.  Ooh, I do believe I'm drooling.

Bwahaha!!  I love the smell of roast knight in the morning!*

Ah, where were we?  Yes, about this Bryan Davis chap, if you want a good word on him, you might check out the RBC Library Blog, which has a good little overview.  It mentions, for example, that Koren and Jason have to destroy a black egg signaling the end of the world.  That, of course, would be the Egg of Lilith, which appears in the Geofront when the crucified Lilith absorbs the embryonic Adam while the completed Eva series forms the Tree of Life configuration with the Lances of Longinus in order to produce an anti-AT Field.  This is known as Third Impact.  Or something.  Actually, I don't know what the black egg in Starlighter is about, so go read the book. 

FantasyThyme briefly discusses some themes in the novel, and also mentions a personal encounter with Bryan Davis.

Donita K. Paul, not entirely unfamiliar with dragons herself (in fact, I think some years ago she was temporarily enslaved to my friend Phil), also gets personal with a convention anecdote worth reading.

Well, that's all this dragon has time for.  I have scales to get rubbed and manga to get read.  You can check out the author's website and blog.

Meet my former and future slaves:
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