Monday, June 28, 2010

Help Identifying a Book

Since I just learned this blog is listed in the top 100 book blogs on Technorati (I don't know if that should make me happy or concerned), we'll celebrate by helping a reader identify an obscure book he's looking for. I confess I don't recognize it myself, but perhaps some of our readers who are better read and educated than I, will be able to identify the title or author. Here's the message from the reader:

I believe it was back in the 1960's I read a short hardback science fiction book about an electronic brain (acted like a child), a spaceman called Michael Archangel, and a rocket. I have forgotten the plot, but recalled that the brain/computer took a special liking to the spaceman because it had read Aquinas' Summa, accepted the Catholic analysis as truthful, but confused the spaceman with the angelic prince. The electronic brain was brilliant but also very simple and childlike. I think it was called something like THE BRAIN, but I am not sure. I had thought it was a monthly release of The Catholic Digest Book or Reading Club. No one else seems to remember it and I can find no mention of it on the web.

There you have it. Sound familiar to anyone?
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