Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Greetings from Vacationland

You may be wondering where in the world we are and why we haven't reported in.  The answer can be summed up in two words:  SPRING BREAK!!!

Spring break is a time to relax, to step away from studies and deadlines, and to get caught up on those things that really matter in life, like, um...taxes.

Yeah, I'm doing my taxes.  Actually, I only popped in to indulge my annual habit of grousing about the grave evil known as USE TAX.  Use tax is this little things where Utah, and some other states, asks its citizens to dutifully report everything bought outside the state and brought into the state, and to pay tax on it in order to make up for the Utah sales tax not paid at the time of purchase.

Riiiiight.  Next time I go back to Utah, I'm going to buy a sandwich across the border, and then I'm going to take the sandwich into Utah, and then I'm going to EAT THE SANDWICH!  And then I'm going to BURN THE RECEIPT!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!  That's what I call sticking it to the Man!

(Oh man, and then, just to confuse them, I'm going to buy a sandwich just outside the Utah border, and then I'm going to cross into Utah, and then I'm going to think about eating the sandwich, but decide I'm not hungry and wrap up the sandwich for later, and then later I'll stand right on the border while holding the sandwich, and I'll lean my face just outside Utah while I eat the sandwich, but as I get to the last pickle, I'll slowly, slooooowly, slooooooooowly lean my face back into Utah just as I swallow the pickle!!!!)
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