Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a coinkydink-- on March 15 is kicking off a rewatch of Avatar:  The Last Airbender, commenting on the show as they go, presumably as preparation for the new movie.

It just so happens that Lucky, Snuffles, and I were planning a first-time-watch of this same show beginning at Easter, or possibly the day immediately thereafter (April 5).  I had been hearing for some time how good it was, and a month or so back I had the chance to watch a few episodes; I could tell after just a few minutes that this cartoon was made of pure awesome.  With our usual lack of temperance, we're now planning to binge-view the whole thing after the end of our Lenten fiction-fast.

So tune into Tor for its take, and don't forget to tune in here after Easter for more of the same.
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