Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rogue Black Holes!

Lucky the Goldfish was surfing the web while I was procrastinating my Metaphysics homework, and she came up with this bit of news from ScienceDaily:


According to theory, rogue black holes originally lurked at the centers of tiny, low-mass galaxies. Over billions of years, those dwarf galaxies smashed together to form full-sized galaxies like the Milky Way.

Each time two proto-galaxies with central black holes collided, their black holes merged to form a single, "relic" black hole. During the merger, directional emission of gravitational radiation would cause the black hole to recoil. A typical kick would send the black hole speeding outward fast enough to escape its host dwarf galaxy, but not fast enough to leave the galactic neighborhood completely.  [more...]

What they do not want to admit, of course, is that these black holes are not rogues.  Oh, if only that were true!  If only they were independent agents!  No indeed, these black holes are the implacable and hungry servants of the Beast, an energy being contained in a neutronium exoskeleton, who was spontaneously generated from the warping of space near the event horizon of Sagittarius A, that 300-million-solar mass black hole known as the Maw of the Milky Way.  Born from the Pit and a servant of the Pit, capable of twisting space-time itself with his unspeakable claws, the Beast maneuvers his mobile black holes (each of which is linked to Sagittarius A by quantum entanglement) into the paths of inhabited solar systems so that he may feed the ever-thirsting Maw with living souls.  Opposing him, determined to protect the increasingly depopulated galaxy, are the ancient, wise, highly evolved races living in the globular clusters, who long ago were appointed guardians of the Seas of Glass, those mysterious substances which ignorant races call "dark matter," but which are our one feeble hope against the encroaching chaos.
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