Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Lenten Read-a-Thon

I'm late this year getting out the notice for the Lenten Fiction Fast and Read-a-Thon, largely because I was debating within myself whether this year we would even have such a thing.
Well, we're having it.  But now the notice is so late that those of you joining us will have to scramble to get a book by Ash Wednesday, which is next week.  Mea culpa.

In case you're just joining us, we do this thing around here where every year we give up fiction for Lent, including novels, comic books, movies, and television shows.  We also dedicate ourselves to reading through some nonfictional work, preferably a formidable one we've been putting off.  Now that I'm in seminary studying philosophy, I'm reading plenty of nonfiction and not very much fiction, but we're still doing the Fiction Fast, and we're still doing the Lenten Read-a-Thon, though I have selected for this year a book much shorter and lighter than what we've read in years past, mostly because of my limited time for extracurricular reading:

We'll start reading on Ash Wednesday and finish before Easter Vigil. It is a short book, so even with my schedule, it's possible I'll finish well before Easter, in which case I'll choose another book and continue from there.

You are free to join in with either the Fiction Fast, the Read-a-Thon, or both, and you can join us in reading this book or another of your own choosing. You can post comments or send me an e-mail to tell how it's going.

One additional note, though--please do not write me e-mails asking casuistic questions about whether or not it's okay to read something or other during Lent (I've gotten a few in the past). The Church has a set of minimal instructions for Lenten fasting; beyond those, how you celebrate Lent is your own decision. I suggest setting yourself simple and realistic goals, and sticking with them. I happen to practice Lent by fasting from fiction as much as is realistically possible, with the exception of my own work I'm composing, or the work of others I'm obligated to read, as in a writer's group. You can do something different if you like.
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