Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank You Card Season!

I've just returned to the seminary after tearfully parting from my relatives and former housemates. After some wrangling, we've decided Lucky the Goldfish would return with me, as she was not getting along well in Snuffles's cave.

We're beginning a silent retreat here starting tomorrow, which means the blog will go silent for a week as well, though I know Snuffles was thinking about a review if he can get access to a computer, though he's not known for being reliable about such things.

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
Photo by Roz68

What I really look forward to now, however, is writing all my thank you letters. I know most people don't look forward to those, but I do, for one reason--whatever they put in the glue on the envelopes for those Hallmark thank you cards is gewd! If they bottled that stuff, I would drink it. Hallmark envelope glue ranks high on my list of tastiest inedible things ever, right above coffee and right under Taco Bell Fire Sauce.

Now if only Hallmark could make television as good as its glue, I wouldn't have had to suffer through the Dinotopia miniseries, which successfully ruined one of my favorite picture books, and which is now, I imagine, being shown at the theater in Purgatory.
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