Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gaze Upon m4H Aw3S0m3SAuc3!

Some dear friends of mine, aware that I was in the seminary, were also aware that my regular clothing was severely lacking in Aw3S0m3SAuc3. In order to correct this, they kindly sent me a hat designed to add the right amount of Aw3S0m3SAuc3 to my otherwise dull attire.

So, as you can see, they constructed for me the steam-powered, hamster-operated hat from MegaTokyo:

(Detail of this panel.)

As you can see, the makers of this hat are aware of my weakness for wuzzy stuffed animals. The operator of this fine headpiece is a little hamster who tells me he is my conscience, but he doesn't bother me such since he only squeaks L33T.

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