Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

Dang it, I looked at every one of those explosions.

I notice here a serious dearth of cool girls who don't look at explosions. I've decided that's going to be my fanboy advocacy thingy. I demand to see more movies where girls blow stuff up and walk away in slow-motion, disdaining any possibility of being struck by shrapnel.

Friday, January 29, 2010

January Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour

Exclamation Point! In the Middle of a Sentence

Okay, actually remembering to post for the tour this time around is me, your host. Looking up from a textbook of epistemology...ugh...I notice this month's tour goes out to Andrew Peterson and his novel North! Or Be Eaten. Now, if I were a phenomenalist, I would rewrite that title as, "Do that which will produce the sense data you interpret as 'moving north,' or else experience the sense-data--followed by the immediate cessation thereof--you would interpret as 'being eaten.'" I humbly propose that the the phenomenalists be eaten first.

This is the second book in this series. The first, previously mentioned, runs under the ambitious title of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, a title I am convinced could lose at least one word without incurring major damage.

The story of this new novel follows a trio of children who find out they are actually lost royalty, and who must escape the damnable Fangs of Dang to discover their destiny. Or learn the importance of family. Or something.

Enough of me. Let's see what the other members of the Blog Tour have to say about North! Or Be Eaten. First, Momofkings gives it a glowing review, and also rips off our idea of periodically fasting from novels.

Pro Christo et Libertate is less positive:

I love zany humor as much as anybody else – I’m a big fan of Monty Python and Hank the Cowdog – but what’s the point of creating “toothy cows” and “cave blats” if you’re not trying to be stupid? A killer bunny totally fits the atmosphere of Monty Python, but a toothy cow doesn’t fit in anywhere with a story that is supposed to be an epic showdown between good and evil. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t work. I didn’t crack a single smile while reading this book. [more...]

Ouch. Well, it looks as if most of the rest of the reviews are positive. Check out Robert Treskillard, who gives it a glowing review and a thorough breakdown:

Andrew weaves the tale so brilliantly that, as an adult, I often forgot it was a YA novel—the dark parts can be really dark, and Andrew doesn’t pull his punches. [more...]

Over at Krysti's Books, Krysti offers a thoughtful meditation on a character in the novel who is physically disabled, and on her experience with real-life sufferings of others. The gist of it is, the novel teaches compassion, always a plus.

Imagination Investigation has an interview with the author.

Update: I churned out this post rather rapidly last night without much in the way of rereading and editing, and I may have thereby produced some confusion. I haven't read these books. However, I have quite a taste for series that start out humorous and serious and then grow darker after the likable characters and their silly antics have become sufficiently endearing. Sounds like part of the appeal of this series is such a move from funny to dark. That inclines me to put them on my to-read list.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gaze Upon m4H Aw3S0m3SAuc3!

Some dear friends of mine, aware that I was in the seminary, were also aware that my regular clothing was severely lacking in Aw3S0m3SAuc3. In order to correct this, they kindly sent me a hat designed to add the right amount of Aw3S0m3SAuc3 to my otherwise dull attire.

So, as you can see, they constructed for me the steam-powered, hamster-operated hat from MegaTokyo:

(Detail of this panel.)

As you can see, the makers of this hat are aware of my weakness for wuzzy stuffed animals. The operator of this fine headpiece is a little hamster who tells me he is my conscience, but he doesn't bother me such since he only squeaks L33T.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010


No really, augh!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank You Card Season!

I've just returned to the seminary after tearfully parting from my relatives and former housemates. After some wrangling, we've decided Lucky the Goldfish would return with me, as she was not getting along well in Snuffles's cave.

We're beginning a silent retreat here starting tomorrow, which means the blog will go silent for a week as well, though I know Snuffles was thinking about a review if he can get access to a computer, though he's not known for being reliable about such things.

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
Photo by Roz68

What I really look forward to now, however, is writing all my thank you letters. I know most people don't look forward to those, but I do, for one reason--whatever they put in the glue on the envelopes for those Hallmark thank you cards is gewd! If they bottled that stuff, I would drink it. Hallmark envelope glue ranks high on my list of tastiest inedible things ever, right above coffee and right under Taco Bell Fire Sauce.

Now if only Hallmark could make television as good as its glue, I wouldn't have had to suffer through the Dinotopia miniseries, which successfully ruined one of my favorite picture books, and which is now, I imagine, being shown at the theater in Purgatory.