Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour

The Deej said that, since I wasn't any help packing, I could post today on the blog instead. That made me mad, so I called him a sexist, and then he said that word didn't mean anything, and I said yeah it did, and it's in the dictionary and it has his picture next to it, and then he said it only had his picture next to it because I xeroxed his photo from his high school yearbook and used a glitter glue stick to put it in the dictionary next to the word sexist. Then I said that if the guys who made the dictionary knew him, his picture would be in there already anyway so I was just helping them out. So there.

This month, the Blog Tour is about The Enclave by Karen Hancock. Hancock's website is here and her blog is here.

Now I'm gonna look up some reviews or something.

Check out Virtual Book Tour, which at first I thought might be one of those 3D video tours of a library, but it's not. It has a book review that tells us this novel is about a genetics research institute, a dark conspiracy, and maybe an alternate universe.

Krysti's Books tells us the novel is not for young adults, so if you're still in your twenties or something, hands off. This is for people forty and older, I guess. Maybe all the characters are old, or maybe they do boring stuff like taxes or tell stories about the good old days. Anyway, Krysti's Books says the book is scary, or at least I think it says something like that, because I can't hear it over the soundtrack.

The Enclave is apparently about an evil genetics institute with lots of frogs, and there are some nephilim running around, and this evil dude sits on a throne at the top of a big tower like the one in Blade Runner maybe, and he plays games with people's minds and has an obsession with pretty girls. He sounds like this one sexist I know. Anyway, the story follows a girl who's new to the business and has to take care of the frogs, which sounds kinda fun, and uncover a dark conspiracy involving clones and such. The novel, based on Krysti's Books's description, sounds like a goofy but entertaining horror of the sort appropriate for young adults.

The Lina Lamont Fan Club complains that the book has two narrative threads that only become intertwined in the second half, and that this doesn't work well.

The Least Read Blog on the Web has a spoilerish "gripe" about the nephilim thing. That's worth reading.
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