Monday, July 20, 2009

ACLJ Petition and Blog Tour

Once again I didn't get much of a post in today. You can probably understand, as I'm packing to move to the seminary and such. I recently ordered my clerical attire, but no, you can't see it, as it's for seminary use only. I will say, though, that sending a fanboy, who of course loves to play dress-up (oops, I mean "cosplay") into a clothing store, especially a religious clothing store, is like sending a kid into a candy shop and telling him to pick out anything he wants. You'll be glad to know I resisted the urge to buy the clerical shirts with the French-cut sleeves and cross-shaped cuff links. I did splurge and buy the greatcoat, but I refrained from buying the fedora. In spite of the lack of goofy accessories, I can say the result is still aw3som3sauc3.

Before I sign off for the day I'd like to point you to a petition at the American Center for Law and Justice to ask Congress to leave out the part of the new health care bill that would enforce mandatory abortion coverage in both federal and private health care plans. Please sign it, and call or write your congressmen, too.

Also, today begins the July Blog Tour. I'll see if I can make Lucky do a lengthier post on it tomorrow, but in the meantime I will simply point you to the homepage here.
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