Monday, June 1, 2009

News from the Fishbowl

And now, everybody, give it up for our news girl, the bold, beautiful,, gold-colored...Miss Lucky the Goldfish!

Actually, Lucky's out today with a bad head cold, so I'm filling in. Just so you know, a head cold for a fish isn't quite like a head cold for you and me. We're talking serious stuff here. I was considering whether to take her to a doctor, who wouldn't know what to do with her, or to a veterinarian, which would make her feel insulted. I opted for the veterinarian, so I'm once again in the doghouse. Er, fishhouse. Er, whatever.

Anyway, I don't know how Lucky does what she does, as I don't have her Google-fu skills, a fact she's demonstrated to me on several occasions, especally when we're fighting over the remote: I attack with Shaolin Boxing, and she counter-attacks with Google-fu. She wins every time. I attribute this to her feminine charms and wiles, whereas Snuffles over here attributes it to "the Deej being a wimp." What I mean to say is, this might not be much of a news post.

Anyway, check io9, which has a big fat list of science fiction stuff coming out in June, complete with a calendar. Worth looking at if you need to schedule your movies, DVD releases, author appearances, and new comics.

Similarly, SF Signal has a hodge-podge of info for this first day of June, including some interviews and free fiction.

In the "slow news day" sf news, CNN has a piece on why the future didn't turn out the way we used to picture.
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