Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour

I meant to read this book, but it disappeared.

It's time again for the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour, which this month goes out to Vanish by Tom Pawlik.

You can reach Pawlik's website here and his blog here.

The novel is horror. You can read a good review at Imagination Investigation, where Chawna Schroeder claims the novel functions reasonably well as a work of horror, but begins to sag near the middle.

Over at The Lina Lamont Fan Club, our own dear Nissa, one of our fellow Catholic tour members, says something similar, though she places the saggy part about three-quarters of the way through, partly because that's where the Christian elements get explicit, apparently too explicit for her tastes.

According to She Who Has No Last Name, the novel gets a five out of five. It's fast-paced and twisty-turny.

This book better have a lot of twists and turns, since I can't seem to find any fellow Tour members willing to give a plot summary. I mean, sheesh, what's it about? How the hey do you review a book without a plot summary?

Ah, here's a plot summary: you can find it at A Place Called Fiction, of all places. It also contains a snazzy picture of Tom Pawlik himself sporting a fine leather jacket. The novel is about three people who, after a mysterious storm, find everyone else has disappeared except a creepy young boy and some shadowy "observers." Sounds unnerving enough.

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