Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Following the grand tradition of lazy bloggers everywhere, today I fulfill my blog posting quota by acknowledging the holiday you can't have possibly been unaware of. This is because my time was otherwise occupied earlier in the day, and I have a meeting to be at in a few minutes.

In the realm of personal updates, I am, apparently, back from Oregon. It was a quick trip with no hitches. I will tell you about it, probably, at a later date, but can't discuss it right now.

So happy Father's Day. Tomorrow starts this month's Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour, so that will replace Lucky's usual weekly news column. Check back in tomorrow for the info on that. We should have a couple of reviews coming your way in the near future, if we can squeeze penning them into our schedules. In the meanwhile, we strongly encourage you to vote in yesterday's battle royale between the Macross and the Galactica. If you don't, your favorite spacefaring warship might get obliterated by your less favorite spacefaring warship, so vote soon. Remember, you don't have to know the shows to vote; you can vote on who you thought made the strongest arguments.

Holy Joseph, you were always most just; make us relish what is right. You sustained Jesus and Mary in time of trial; sustain us by your help. You provided for all the needs of Jesus and Mary; help the needy of the whole world. You rescued Jesus from Herod who sought to kill Him; save us from our many sins.

You were the foster father of Christ, the priest-victim; make priests faithful to their calling. You were the foster father of Christ, the Divine physician; sustain the sick and obtain relief for them. You died the holiest of deaths in the arms of Jesus and Mary; intercede for the dying. You were the intrepid guardian of the Holy Family; protect all Christian families.

You cared for Jesus with true fatherly love; protect all children in the world. You were a dedicated and honest worker in your trade as a carpenter; teach us to labor for Jesus. You were the faithful and chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary; preserve in all hearts a love of fidelity and purity. You were a model single person and a model father later on; help all human beings to imitate your virtues.

Prayer taken from My Pocket Prayerbook, by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D. Catholic Book Publishing Corp. (New Jersey): 2004.
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