Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crossroads Walks for Life

After Mass today, we had a visit and a short talk from a participant in Crossroads, an organization that sponsors volunteers, mainly college students, who spend their summers walking across the continental United States, educating people about the Pro-Life movement, protesting at abortion mills, and praying as they go. You can see their website here. Although I certainly am pleased with the good work these people are doing in furthering awareness about horrors and indignities of abortion, I am probably bringing it up in this space because I was especially charmed by the young woman who gave the post-Mass presentation. I told Father afterward that if he had women like that asking for money at every Mass, I'd probably go broke.

And then we have further Pro-Life information, to make a sort of counter-balance to that celebration of sterility they call LGBT Pride Month. The bill HR 2410, known as the Foreign Relations Reauthorization Act, has come before the House of Representatives. The bill would mean global promotion of abortion by the U.S. You can contact your representative through this link to ask him to oppose the bill.
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