Monday, May 18, 2009

May Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour

Hi, it's me, Lucky the Goldfish. Since we're restarting the blog, sort of, the Deej called from Rump's End, Nevada, where he's working, and said I need to do a regular news post on Mondays like we always planned, and I told him he has our only computer, and he told me to just figure it out, because he's an insensitive jerk. So I had to ask Phenny the Phoenix to carry my fishbowl to the library so I could type this post there. I really don't like typing on the computers at the library because I can only type by jumping out of my bowl, flopping on the keyboard until I run out of breath, and then jumping back in, and then jumping out again. I have to do that when I type at home, too, but at least I know where our keyboard's been.

Anyway, the Deej called again and told me to forget my news article this week, which I had all written up and everything, because we have the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour this week, and that I should do that instead. I told him I hadn't read the book and didn't know what to say, and he told me to just figure it out, because he's an insensitive jerk.

I totally didn't know what to write, since I haven't read the book or anything, so I asked Snuffles if he could do it instead, but he wasn't happy because I interrupted him while he was eating Oreos and watching Love Hina, and he said, "Do it yourself, wench." So I got mad and said, "Just because you're a dragon and I'm a woman doesn't mean you get to call me wench!" Then he said, "I don't write comments about books with titles that rhyme with schmuck." But after I jumped out of my bowl and slapped him across the face with my tail fin, he wrote me out an idea for what I can say about this novel. So here it is:

This month's blog tour features Stephen R. Lawhead's Tuck, a novel about what you should do after you nip, or before you roll. No, that's not really true. It's actually a sequel to Hood, which is about the inner city, and about fashionable sweatshirts, and Scarlet, which is a sequel to Gone with the Wind.

Okay, okay, it's really about Friar Tuck, which makes me wonder why Friar isn't in the title. I don't know about you, but I think Pile's Friar Tuck would be offended at such a blunt address, and would probably say something like, "How now, thou naughty varlet? Thou shouldst address me verily as Friar, I wot, or else I shall break thy pate forthwith with mine cudgel, after I have lustily eaten this pastry." That, by the way, is Pilese for, "That's Friar Tuck to you, dipstick." Because that's how Tuck rolls.

I thought I should see what other people on the blog tour are doing, because then it's kind of like we're on a tour of all the blogs, huh?

Welcome to the Realm of Hearts has a bio of Stephen R. Lawhead. You have to scroll down under that huge lion picture to get to it, though.

Christopher Hopper says he would wear an adult diaper for Stephen R. Lawhead. ...And I don't know what that means.

Books' Hidden Corner has a review of the novel. You have to scroll under the trivia and daily Bible verse to get to it, though. Books says it's a good book, and I guess with a name like Books and a magical girl transformation sequence, she ought to know.

Grasping for the Wind has a less favorable review, which states that the characterization is poorer than that in the previous two novels, and that the action is less interesting.

Rebecca LuElla Miller has a post on the book's religious content. Most important is this quote: "Tuck opens with a prologue in which King William of Normandie is begrudgingly paying a sum of money to an abbey so its monks will pray his father out of purgatory, or perhaps, out of hell." Obviously, it does no good to pray for people to get out of hell; I don't know if that's Miller's mistake, or Lawhead's.

Here's the rest of the tour:

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