Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mark Shea on Science Fiction

Catholic writer and fanboy Mark Shea has an article at Catholic Exchange on the subject of sf and what it means for Catholics. The overall gist is one you've heard before: science fiction is a forum where ideas can be discussed, science fiction often contains religious themes, etc.
Outgrowing God is indeed a favorite theme of science fiction and fantasy. Evolution/technology/aliens/time travelers from the future/computers/what-not are always just about to prove that God does not exist, life after death is a fantasy, the soul is a function of matter, man is but a sophisticated meat machine, Jesus never existed, etc. And yet the astonishing thing is that science fiction and fantasy are absolutely awash in theological speculation. Lots of it is pagan, in the Chestertonian sense. That is, it is an attempt to reach God through the imagination, hampered by the inability to conceive of something truly outside the created world. The result is a sort of quasi-supernaturalism that acknowledges planes of existence beyond the human, but refuses to entertain the notion of angels and demons. [more...]
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